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New AI-Powered Health and Wellness Tools Are Helping People Feel Better at Work

"Companies like are already using AI to help people get their mental health at work back on track by making screen time healthier. Over 87% of screen users experience symptoms like mental exhaustion and eye strain, and while you can't escape the constant use of screens for work, it's essential to become aware of what happens to your eyes and body. Using only a small part of the image from your webcam, measures your heart and breath rate with exemplary accuracy by detecting the change in red pixelation on your forehead and under your eyes. And for those concerned about privacy you will be glad to know that no personal information is taken or stored.

When stress is detected in you, will prompt you to take a short break in the form of guided breathing exercises and meditation while also reducing eye strain by applying calming colors that it has learned through its analytics tracking your progress for review, so it can understand which breaks helped make you feel your best. "

Read the full article at this link on Tech Times on February 23, 2022, at 02:02 pm