What is the extension?

The Chromium based extension is where you’ll find sounds, interactive screen tinting, break reminders and meditations.

How do I install the extension?

You can download the extension by visiting our website Click “try for free,” and you’ll be directed to the Chrome web store where you can easily download the extension. Once the extension is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to sign up with a current email address, and then you’ll be guided through a tutorial of the extension.

Can I use the extension on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the extension on any device that uses Google Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Opera.

How do I use breaks?

Breaks can be scheduled or taken whenever you need some stress relief. You can either select recommended guided videos each time it’s your break time or browse all videos in the Breaks Library.

Can I customize colors and sounds in the extension?

Yes! Color has the power to affect your everyday mood and behavior. Tint your screen and adjust the opacity to your liking in order to reduce eye strain, decrease stress levels, and increase productivity. Learn more about color perception and color therapy. We have different sound experiences that you an explore, too.


Is the extension free to use?

Yes, the extension is free to use. If you’d like to purchase a plan for multiple people or choose to upgrade to a premium plan, visit our pricing page for details.

Do I need to pay the yearly free up front?

Yes, when signing up for the yearly business plan, you’ll pay for the full year in one up-front payment. That comes along with the perk of paying less overall!

How do I make changes to my plan?

To upgrade your plan, you can...                                            
To remove features, you can...

How do I cancel my plan?

To cancel your plan, send us a message here. You’ll still have access to Awetom’s free features like breaks, colors, and sounds.

Privacy and security

Is vital sign detection secure?

Yes, vital sign detection is secure. We don’t store any information on our servers. Your data is securely stored on your device.

Is my information shared with anyone outside of

We will never sell your data and we ensure that all information shared with stays safe and secure.

How does heart rate monitoring work?

Heart rate monitoring helps you track your health and well being over time and is used to remind you to take breaks, take a breath and tells you that your relaxation techniques are working.

How is my webcam accessed and is it secure?

You webcam is accessed with your permission and it is secure. We never receive your images. While you do use the selfie cam, the webcam only looks at very specific pixels of color in your face.


How do I uninstall the extension?

The extension can be removed from your browser by going to your extensions and clicking the 3 dots. You can then remove the extension. While we’ll be sorry to see you go, we can work to improve your future experience by filling out an optional short survey.

How do I sync a device?

To sync to a Fitbit, Oura, or Garmin wearable device, go to your “account” tab in the extension. You should see a screen to “sync device.” Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you’ll be prompted to “sync device.” Choose the correct device from the list and you should be all set.

Can I sync multiple devices at the same time?

You can only sync one device at a time. To switch from one device to another, disconnect your current device and follow the process to connect a new device.

Why do I get an error message when I try to sync a device?

It’s possible we weren’t able to detect your device. Check to make sure you have a strong internet connection, and try the sync process again. If that fails, try turning off your Fitbit and turn it back on. Try to sync again. If that still doesn’t work, contact us.

Where can I find more information and support for the extension?

You can find more information about, pricing options and any other questions that weren’t answered with our convenient contact us form.

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