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Oh My Health … There’s HOPE! The Interview

“In this episode of Oh My Health … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Hannes Bend. Hannes credits deep breathing and meditation for his recovery from decades of anxiety and depression rooted back to his birth trauma and intense rehab that followed.

Now Hannes is focused on the ethical use of technology to improve our collective well-being. He’s conducted award-winning research in neuroscience. He guides meditation and breathing at renowned places such as The Rubin Museum of Art, WeWork HQ, The Assemblage among many others.

Hannes and the team have been developing interfaces that use machine learning to customize screens for calmer and deeper breaths with every technological interaction.

“Be the love you want to see in the world.”

Jana and Hannes talk about:

1) Breathing and how are we doing it wrong?

2) Being aware of your breaths throughout the day

3) What are some of the benefits of correct breathing

4) Breathing helps memory and focus

5) You can use your screen time for relaxation and breathing

This 30-minute episode is on:

In this episode, Jana and Hannes discuss breathing and how we might be doing it wrong? Being aware of your breathing throughout the day. Some of the benefits of proper breathing and working with a breath coach.”