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How Can Adaptive Interfaces Enhance the Quality of Your Work Life?

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, most of us spend more and more time in front of the monitors than ever before. And since that time, more and more focus is being put on how to make the quality of that time better to increase productivity and reduce eye strain.

Many studies have proven some techniques that can relieve us in these hard times when we inevitably spend more and more time in front of the monitors. As the quality of webcams improved over time, that development started an era of new tools that help reduce screen fatigue and the quality of your work. One of the newest techniques are adaptive screen interfaces that use extensions just like

Interested in learning more about adaptive interfaces? Our recent research paper "Adaptive interfaces for personalized digital well-being" is published in the IUI proceedings and presented at the 26th ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces in the HEALTHI Workshop, organized by Northwell Health and Cornell Tech, at A&M University in April 2021.