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We are excited was recommended to readers of Forbes in a recent article by Amy Blaschka:

“Even if you can’t give up your screens entirely, you can make them work for you. A new research-based browser extension called is built on state-of-the-art machine learning that uses your webcam to detect changes to your breathing and heart rate indicating stress and then provides personalized break reminders. Users also have access to over 100 brief exercises on breathwork, meditation, movement, or simply a suggested break from the screen, as well as soothing background sounds and calming screen colors.

In a world that glorifies nonstop hustle and grind, taking an intentional break may be the ultimate career hack.”

The article offers great tips on how to improve productivity:

“This Is The Best (And Most Counterintuitive) Way To Make Career Progress

Contrary to popular opinion (and what social media would lead you to believe), nonstop hustle doesn’t always lead to success.

Though it seems counterintuitive, taking a break is the best way to make career progress. Research shows breaks are essential to improving our moods, overall well-being, and performance capacity.

Here’s how to maximize the power of the pause:

First, shift your mindset about breaks

Downtime isn’t unproductive; it’s essential for progress. When you’re used to operating at a frenetic pace, taking deliberate breaks can seem jarring. But being busy is not the same as being productive. Change your perspective to embrace the gift of giving yourself the time and space to think, feel, and experience as complementary, not contradictory to your career progress. When you make this type of self-care a regular practice, you’ll have greater clarity and enhanced performance and protect, preserve, and improve your well-being and happiness.”