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Finding Your Heart's Most Calming Hues

Calendars, lists, apps - we all know these common tools that help us reach work goals and probably already know what is for our work style. What would it mean if you could add another tool that could help you improve the productivity while you work? Tools like… colors? Correct, colors do impact our productivity so it’s great to know what does it mean exactly and how can you use this knowledge for your benefits!

 1. DES stands for…

When using color therapy, therapists found a reduction in stress while using blue and pink. Some other factors that helped with DES (digital eye strain) syndrome are using dark mode, especially in low brightness. High contrasts of colors have massive impact on eye fatigue as well. Interested in more ways to decrease DES? Exposure to more warm colors like red and yellow is the answer. On the other hand, blue and green are perceived to be the most calming.

2. What about light?

Have you ever wondered why are people more productive in well lit places? Yes, the hint is in color saturation. Want to stay on track? Increase your screen’s brightness! Keep in mind that the low contrast can increase eye fatigue as well. Brighter colors and screens help with attention, focus, and performance. Be careful - they also ultimately lead to visual fatigue and eye strain.

3. Trouble sleeping? Reduce blue light

A couple of main takeaways from color therapy are that reducing blue light decreases DES (digital eye strain) syndrom. This is an interesting thing to keep in mind especially when working with screens just before you sleep. One way to minimize problems with sleeping is reducing the exposure to the blue light at least 2 hours before bed.

Turns out, just like with your favorite color, the impact is very personal, often based on environmental differences on the color perception in different cultures. The bottom line is that any color can be stress reducing, as long as it’s in line with your personal preferences. And we know how to discover it! This is a great news as it means that there are personalized tools at your fingertips that can help you lower the stress while you work.

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