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Tips announces new partnership with GTMfund

We are thrilled to announce our first investment partnership with the GTMfund!

GTMfund is an early-stage fund focused on B2B SaaS startups that are well positioned for hyper-growth, possess product-market fit, and have rising traction rates. At this stage of our product’s journey, we feel very confident to have them as an ideal partner.

Our digital health products are based on our patented technology, requiring absolutely no additional screen time or wearables to enjoy its benefits. Over the years, our Founder and CEO Hannes Bend has partnered with several organizations - University of Oregon (2014), Thoughtworks (2017), University of Miami, The Roux Institute & Institute of Experiential AI at Northeastern University (2021+) and The New School to develop and nurture this groundbreaking innovation.

Our current focus is to delve into the market with our employee wellness programs and help businesses improve their productivity using our unique solution. We trust that our collaboration with GTMfund will aid in accelerating these efforts. We have already received invaluable operational mentorship and strategic support from them and are excited to work together to reduce stress and elevate the human screen experience.

Find more information about the GTMfund and its team here.