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FAQs Launching Private Beta Version launched its first beta digital health product on the Chrome browser extension. It is available on the Chrome Web Store.

It meets the users where they are - on the screen. It offers healthier habits on screens with break reminders and personalized screen colors. The 100+ break reminders are simple 20 seconds to 2 minute short, animated, and guided mindfulness exercises, including breath work, movement, and stretching. The color filters provide an easing experience for the user’s eyes, and are especially designed to reduce eye strain and disruption of sleep patterns during the night time. will soon provide vital sign detection and stress analysis, without the need for additional screen time or wearables. The next versions will be able to detect vital signs (heart and respiration rate) and stress (elevated vital signs) using the webcam and machine learning. The extension analyzes which breaks and colors are reducing stress and improves performance for each user.

The extension runs whenever the browser is active, even in the background, and notifies the user of either scheduled or automated break reminders. It combines scientifically-studied and widely used stress-reducing and performance-improving solutions in an easily accessible animated format, and adds an unique patented personalization of screens to the users’ stress levels.